Day 41 – 42 Two days in Bariloche

Day 41 – First day in Bariloche

It’s our first day in Bariloche, and I got no plans what so ever.

Some people went horse back riding this morning, but that’s not for me.

We ended up going into town, leaving some laundry to be done and went around for a bit. Had some great coffee, managed to top up my bus card that I got in Buenos Aires so that we can use the local bus from our camping and into town and then lunch.

Moa had heard of a vegetarian / vegan bakery in town and we managed to find that as well. One very happy vegan got to go shopping for some very nice things.

Later we went to find a tour agent since Thomas wanted to check out rafting for tomorrow.

But all in all we did a whole lot of nothing before going back to the camp. Just in time as well since it started raining on our way back.

Our camp site is a few kilometres from the centre of town so we got down to finding a place to buy bus tickets. The bus service in Bariloche is operating on the same system that in Buenos Aires, so keeping my bus card from there was a good idea. Lot’s of kiosks around to top it up.

Another tip to be aware of is that the deposit you pay when you get the card can be used for travel. I guess you can empty the card down to minus 25 pesos before you get rejected.

We did plan to have a barbecue in the afternoon, but the rain put a stop to doing it outside. Happily there is a fire pit inside, so we managed to get some food going.

Day 42 – Out and about

Second day in Bariloche and it’s dried up some. Yesterday Thomas booked a trip to go rafting, and today the company didn’t show up to pick him up. He wasn’t very happy.

There isn’t a whole lot to do here today so we started out by going into town again. Getting the laundry we left yesterday and getting Thomas his money back. When we came back to the camp site me, Thomas and Judith went to the restaurant on top of Cerro Otto, a hill right by our camp site. You can walk up there or take the cable cart as we did. The revolving restaurant gives a great view of the whole area. Except when the clouds rolls in and it starts snowing. Which was what happened to us after a while.

We had our lunch at the top before going back to the camp site, relaxing there for a while and then going back into town to have dinner.

Tomorrow we’ll be moving again, next stop is Pucon in Chile.

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