Day 30 – 32 Three days in Kande beach


It has been three amazing days in Malawi. And there is still a few days to go until we get to Tanzania.

Day 30 was a very long driving day with few stops. Our first obstacle was the border crossing, which went quite smooth.  Some waiting, but not more than usual.

Our next stop was the Capitol of Malawi. There we had lunch and we’re able to exchange /withdraw Malawian Kwachas.
Malawi is the first country we have visited that has “monopoly” money.  1 USD is approximately 40 Kwachas which leads to a big pile of money 🙂

The rest of the day was spent driving toward Kande beach which has been home the last few days.

Kande beach is a small resort right on one of the beautiful beaches of Lake Malawi and here you can do horse riding, sailing, diving, visiting the local village or just relax in the sun.

We got to the camp just after dark and everyone went to have a look at the beach and the starlit night. It didn’t take long for the locals to show ut. It was fun for a while just sitting around talking, but after a while it got pretty clear that they all were there to do business. Then it just got to be somewhat annoying.

I haven’t done a lot of activities here.  Yesterday was spent relaxing in the shade with a swim in the lake to try to cool down.  Not easy when the water is almost as warm as the air.

During the day we had a local family cooking a great dinner for us.  A whole pig sissled over an open flame the most of the day and was served with rice, beans and spinach. A great meal that feed all of us and twenty more people after we finished.

Today there was a organised trip to go into town and vist a school and some other places. I elected to stay at the camp, since I find it a bit wrong to be touristing others miseries.  But I’m glad someone else went since they were able to donate funds, clothing, and mosquito nets that we didn’t need.

Later in the afternoon I went snorkelling on the lake. The is a little island just off the beach. The visibility was about ten meters and there is a lot of “aquarium” fish.  A great place to spend a few hours gliding through the water.

Tomorrow we’ll head a few miles up the coast where we’ll have another day close to the beach before we head for the border.

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