Day 33 Kande beach to Chitimba

Early start for me this morning, even if we didn’t leave until 8:30.
I missed the sunrise the last two days so it was about time.
It was wonderful sitting at the beach, listening to the birds and watching some local fishermen paddling out toward the rising sun.

Today was a short driving day, only 200 km and mostly on good roads.
We did a stop at a market along the way where one could shop for some more souvenirs.
You to wonder who earns the money from these “handcrafted” things.  I find it strange that they all seem to sell the same things.  You would think that there should be more diversity if they were handmade.

Later we had lunch and stocked up on food and drinks for the coming couple of days.

Two of us ventured into town with a local guide and got some great chicken and chips from a local street vendor. Nice food and we got to see a bit of real Malawi.

Our guide wanted to sell us some of his souvenirs but we gave him some money for the guiding instead. And I think he got a kickback on the food as well.

Driving through Malawi had been the most rewarding so far this trip. The landscape is spectacular and ever changing with smiling faces wherever we go.

The view driving down the hills toward Chitimba was magnificent, just wish we could have stopped and had a better look.

The Chitimba campsite is not as nice as the one we left, but still nice.  And there is a bit more people camping here.

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to do a hike up the mountain, but with the heat we have at the moment I think I’ll pass.

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