Day 29 driving to Chipata

Today was the first day driving without those who went home. It’s been strang not being more than thirteen in the bus.

And losing some of the great personalities we had with us leaves a void.

I’m hoping to see you all again at Tiveden in May.

Driving days tend to be a bit monotonous but not without something to remember.

On one of our small toilet breaks we got swarmed by kids from a small village nearby. I guess that would be the happening of the day there.

Two pink buses rolling in and people running to find a bush in need of water 🙂

The kids brought bananas and mangos to sell, always great when you can have fresh fruit on your lunch.

Later we crossed the M…  river which had a police checkpoint.  We have a policy on not using cameras whenever there is police or other officials involved in order to keep out of  trouble. 

I guess sometime in the past another Pink Caravan had been stopped there, because the road sign had a Pink Caravan sticker on it.  Should have taken an image.

We got to our camp site, Mama Rulas,  just as the sun set.

I guess it’ll be an early evening for most of us. Not much to do here and tomorrow is another long diving day and we’ll pass into Malawi.

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