Day 27 – 28 Goodbyes in Zambia

Day 27 another long drive.
We are heading to Lusaka where we’ll have to say goodbye to some of our companions for the last weeks. It’s going to be strange to have them leave and I really want them to stay for the rest of the trip.

It’s strange to think about that we were complete strangers only a few short weeks ago.
Hopefully I’ll get to see them all again in May even I’m planning to go to Tiveden and the annual Pink Caravan reunion.

The drive to Lusaka is a long one, and it didn’t help that we had to spend ages getting across the boarder.  This crossing has been the slowest so far. Getting our visas was fair enough, but getting the buses through took some time.

After lunch we had our first bus party in Bill. And those who wanted a bit of peace rode in Bull.  It was great to travel these many in one bus. It felt a bit more like South America  and I have been missing that feeling.  It’s not the same with only 15 in the bus.

We got to our campsite outside Lusaka after dark last night.

Day 28
Today we are visiting a mall in town for a few hours. We have a lot of driving ahead and both us and the buses needs to get filled up.

Later tonight we’ll have our last dinner together before we head toward Malawi and some back to Sweden.

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