Day 2. Puking with sharks

We started out really really today.  Wakeup at 3.30 and of to the docks at 4.

After about 90 minutes we arrived at Caansbai where we got breakfast and a briefing before heading out to sea.

The launch and recovery was a bit different than I’m used to.  We boarded the boat still on its dolly and were backed into the water. On our return the boat went straight on and was towed out of the water before we got off.

The trip it self was quite eventful with sharks and puking being keywords.

I was one of the six first to go on that skal cage, and I spent about 20 minutes without seeing any sharks.
Just seconds after I got out the first one raced for the cage.

I guess sharks aren’t into Norwegians.

The sea was not particularly heavy today, by having the waves from the side, and the smell of chum didn’t help.  So a lot of us got sea sick, me included.

We were back on land at about 9.30.

After a bit of food and relaxing in the sun set out for Hermanus to med up with the others.  Apparently they were taking a shortcut that didn’t really work out 🙂

After lunch we started on the trip south toward fish hook to make camp.  The campsite was right of the beach and windy.

After making camp we took a stroll into town and had dinner.  Not much happening and after a long day getting to bed sounded like a good idea.

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