Day 3. Cape Good Hope and Table Mountain

Early morning in Fish Hook. I woke at six and found that almost everyone else was up already.

The wind picked up during the night and the bus roof was rattling and shaking. Good thing the roofing team had done their job properly.

Our first stop of the day was Cape of Good Hope where we walked along the cliffs to the lighthouse. A very nice walk and a great view.

On our way to Cape Town we did a quick lunch stop in Simons town.  We didn’t get time to do much more than eat, which was a pity.

The town contains the South African naval museum which might me interesting.
Perhaps next time.

The trip to Cape Town was quick and uneventful.  We are staying at The Lenox, a hostel located central in the city.

After getting our hotel rooms I joined a group of people who wanted to do the walk up to Table Mountain.

The plan was to walk Platteklip Gorge up to the top and ride the cable car down.  Around the mid way mark were told that the cable car was shut down due to high winds.


We still pressed on for the top, I used about 1 hour and 50 minutes on the walk, leaving me with just a quick look around before having to go back down.  It was getting late and the was a real possibility that it would get dark before we made it down.

We got down with about 20 minutes of daylight left.

I guess you could say it’s been a eventful day.

For tomorrow a wine tasting trip is planned.

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