Day 1. Going south to Cape Agulhas

Our first bus day and people were up on good time for breakfast, not so strange since most of were fast asleep before ten last night.  Long flights and little sleep works that way.

We had breakfast, went through the tasks and rules before rolling south.

In Hermanus we had a lunch break, and we got some good South African food.  Bobota, a stew served with rice and chutney.

Cape Agulhas, a pile of rocks marking the southern most point of the African continent.

Not a whole lot to say about it other than that.  🙂

Our camp for the night was just a few minutes drive from the last stop and after a briefing the groupe responsible for the food got to work.

Everyone on the trip has to do some kind of chore, either as a roofing team or a food team.

There are one roof team on each bus who’s responsibility is to prepare the sleeping accommodations on the bus roof.  These four will have that responsibility for the whole trip.

Everyone else is split up into teams of four and take turn making breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest when we are camping.

After dinner around nine o’clock we started turning in. Tomorrow we’ll go diving with sharks, and pickup from our camp is at 4.

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