Day 14 – 15 Relaxing in Swakopmund

The last two days has been sun, fun and great food.
On Thursday I started the day by going four wheeling in the desert looking for the African Small Five. And we found three of them in the sand. And of course we managed to do some fun driving on the dunes.

He rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach. The beaches here are great, and the sun nice and the water freezing  πŸ™‚ I guess the nice swimming temperatures will come later.

Yesterday I had no plans. Two of us got our hands dirty cleaning the bus. After a few days in the sand it’s nice to have a clean start. It was also time to stock up on water and snacks. We’ll do four days of driving now until our next big stop.

That also means it’ll be at least four days until the next time I’ll be online.

Last night we had a pinkparty at the hostel. Lots of locals showed up to see the silly Swedes  πŸ™‚

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