Day 13 Dolphin cruise in Swakopmund

Today was my first day in Swakopmund and it started with a bus pickup at 8 from our hostel.

There were five of our group going on the dolphin cruise today and we were joined by groups from other groups at the docks.

On the boat we started with a safety briefing and a glass of wine while we slowly made our way out to the sand banks.

In the bay there are a few seals that has been somewhat domesticated and will get into the boats to get fish.  The first one came to us by “taxi”. 

Seals travel on style 🙂

It didn’t take him long to get off the other boat and on to ours when they pulled up.

The were some hand shakes and high fives while our guide talked about that specific seal and the others living in the bay.

After a while we were joined by a pelican landing on the railing as well.

It seems there are a few mammals and birds who will return to these vessels. Would probably be relaying on the food from them as well.

Walvis Bay is also host to some of the Namibian oyster farms, and according to our guide the Namibian Oysters is the best in the world.

We passed the oyster beds and got a insight in how the farming works.  Apparently the cold water in Namibia makes the oysters grow faster and harvesting can be done after about 8 months.

About 70% is exported, mostly to Asia.  Apparently the French oyster farmers prevents the large scale import to Europe through some EU regulations.

After having a look at the seals on the sand banks we got out on the open sea to look for dolphins. There are a few species living in the area, the most common being the Heaviside dolphins.

We saw a few and there was one following our boat for a little while.

Going back we had a tapas lunch with champagne, and of course we had oysters. I’ve never had that before, and if this were the best oysters it will probably be the last 🙂

Back on Swakopmund a few of us decided to go to the beach and relax in the sun. I had a quick swim, but at 15 degrees it didn’t last to long.

Today was the day to taste new food, and for dinner I had Oryx, very nice meat.

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