Flight day

First day of my adventure, and definitely the longest continues part of this trip.

The first leg for me was from Oslo to Stockholm where I, after missing the meeting point, eventually met up with the rest of the people for this trip.

From Stockholm we flew to Addis Abeba. For some reason nobody wanted to go to Cairo so we just skipped that stop. Which means we got to Addis almost two hours before scheduled.

As the planes captain said it they were not really ready for us. Eventually a pickup bus came and got us to the terminal.

The terminal building hasn’t changed much since the last time I went there, except for one huge improvement.  The last time going trough we had almost nowhere to sit down. Now new rows of seats and you could sit and lie down quite comfortable.

The second leg from Addis to Johannesburg went by Dreamliner.  A good improvement from the first flight. 

After a short stop in Johannesburg er did the last two hours to Cape Town where Bill and Bull was waiting to take us to our first campsite in Belvile.

I ended up travelling on Bull with Gunnar as our driver and fourteen other travellers.

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