Day 2 – Arriving in Rio

After a long night on the plane we finally arrived in Rio.

Sun, 30 degrees and lots of new stuff to explore. It will be exiting to see how the place has changed since I last visited.

It’ been five years already.

At the airport we were meet by Marco our manager for the trip and we got bussed to Copacabana where we’ll be staying.

This time we are staying at the Copa Hostel, which is nice enough, and just one block back from the beach. After getting settled inn we had a quick information meeting before we were let out to play.

Since the weather was nice and clear a trip to the Christ the Redeemer statue was organised and I went with it. It was completely packed with people this time, which I guess is the case if the weather is nice during the weekend.

At seven all of us went to the beach to have a little gathering and drink some caipirinha, and around 11 after a quick meal it was time for bed.

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