Day 3 – Ipanema, Sugarloaf and Samba

My second day in Rio has come to an end, and another great one it has been.

We started out with breakfast at eight, and then a few of us set out to find a market next to Ipanema beach. In the end we walks almost the whole beach before figuring the market was in the end where we started out.

The market it self turned out to be a tourist trap as expected, lots of nice things to look at, but nothing for me there.

After walking back to the hostel and having lunch we decided to go and visit Sugarloaf mountain.

Piling into a cab and getting on with it. The trip up there was good, no queuing and not a whole lot of people there which is good.

On the top we had a look around before having a drink at the lounge bare. A very pleasant experience with great views, a cooling breeze and a great Caiperinha.

Later we went to the sambadrome to watch and feel the excitement of carnival. Not that THE carnival is this week, but one of the samba schools have a practice session and entrance is free.

A great tip if you are in Rio during the weekend in the months before the real event.

The music is great, dancers are there and even if the 90 000 seats are not completely packed there are a huge crowd there to watch and cheer. This is where the ordinary people go to watch the show.

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