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Learning to fly !

For a while now I’ve sort of wanted to learn to fly a RC chopper or plane. And when SmartPhones joined forces with TouchMobility I suddenly has a colleague that was doing that as an hobby. So I’ve gone one step further and started virtual training.

I got RealFlight G4.5 and have been wrecking a whole shitload of choppers the last few day. I’m glad I’m not trying this with a proper RC chopper 😀

But i’m starting to get the hang of it and i thought I’d post my first hover video. A bit unsteady but I’m getting there.

Today i tried turning the chopper 180 degrees and now I’m all over the place again. Guess there’s a lot more practice needed before i try my hands on the real deal.


  1. Jens Kjærsgaard
    July 27, 2009

    How is you satisfied with the Realflight G4.5?
    Was a controller included in the package or did you buy it additiolanny?

    • Roar
      July 28, 2009

      I’m very happy with Realflight. I’ve not been doing any real flying except the simulations but according to a collegue of mine who flies RC choppers and planes it seems to be pretty accurate.

      As far as I know you cannot get realflight 4.5 without the controller. The controller acts as a dongle so the application will not run without the stick attached to your computer.

      But it comes with a connection cable so if you have your own controller you might use that one instead. Haven’t tried that either 🙂

      I pretty sure Realflight is worth the money, with all my crashes I would probably have spent a fortune on replacement parts without it 😉

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