Today has been one of those good days

You know, one of those days when you have nothing planned and the a lot of things happens.

The day started with a good nights sleep, and i woke up wondering what today might bring. Got up and tried to decide whether to run and catch a spinning class at the gym, wait for a while and catch a strength exercise e class or just go and pump some iron.

I ended up going to the pool for a good 45 minute swim before I got tired of swimming in congestion, there are usually just a few to may people in that pool to make it really enjoyable. But still, it was all good.

Then I got a message from Petter asking if I wanted to grab a bite and go shoot some pool, which i haven’t done in ages. And i was starving   😀

We went to a Indian restaurant and had a nice meal before we played a few rounds of pool.

On the way out of that place we figured, why not go to the movies ?

So we ended up at the cinema watching The International. I haven’t heard anything about it before seeing it but it was actually quite good, in a special way. It’s said to be a thriller and with some action, but it’s one of those movies that has a plausible plot.

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