Day 8 and 9 – Two days in Prague

I’ve now had two days of exploring the sights of Prague. I could probably have spent a lot more time here, but tomorrow I’ll be moving on.

I’ve visited the fortress, walked the bridges and found a few interesting places.

I visited the Madame Tussauds Prague and the Museum of Torture. The fist one being a smaller version of the famous.
The Museum of Torture shows of the cruel instruments that humanity has used in order to get the truth or just make life miserable for others.

In the evening of the first day here I went out and explored the night life, ending in me almost getting picked up by an prostitute.

On the second day I came across a store selling model air plane kits. I used to love building these and this store had a lot of them. And also a lot of finished models on display.
I’m really looking forward to Zeltweg and the air show in a couple of days.

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