Day 7 – Into the Czech Republic

It’s been a long train trip but I’m not at the Czech boarder, and a proper boarder control. Stern men with guns passing through the train, looking at and stamping passports.
The first border stamp in my up till now virgin passport.

For me it was easy, quick glance at me and the passport and they were off. The American girl two rows back had a bit of a different experience being questioned quite a bit before everything was cleared.

When we came to Prague I, like everyone else of the train, got crowded by people offering accommodations. From expensive hotel rooms to someone who had a spare room at home. So far in my adventure I had every thing pre booked so I just went outside and went hunting for a map.

I stayed at the Prague hostel Imperial, which I found easily enough. At the hostel I got a single room for the first time of this trip and the room had the most amazing high ceiling. It felt like the height of the room was larger that the with and the length which makes it.

I remember walking around the area of the hostel for a bit before going to bed, and on this walk I almost walked into two security guards guarding the entrance to a building. Again I was a apprehensive about bumping into armed guards, this time with sub machine guns.

The next two days will be used exploring this beautiful city.

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