Three nights in Tofu

Day 17 –  on the road again.
Once again we are on the move. This time we left late for a change, having time to go to Zombie Cucumber for dinner before rolling toward Tofu at nine. A thirty something miles trip which we managed in a little over four hours. Tofu is another spot for relaxing in the sun and diving / snorkling. There are trips going from here to look for the whale shark. But the season is i at its end and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to see them now. In the evening we sat on the terrace having a few drinks and chatting. The last three of us spend some time talking to a guy from South Africa. It was interesting to listen to how he saw the future of the country.

Day 18 – No sun, still fun
We woke today to an overcast sky,  but still nice and warm weather. The plan for the day : do nothing.
I didn’t quite reach my goal. I and some of the others needed to get to a ATM to get some cash. The closest one is about 4 km from here, but as some had just Mastercards we were forced to go into….  to get cash. A 23 km drive from her. When we got there it seem all the ATMs but one had broken down so we spent some time queuing, had a coffee and some pancakes at a small cafe before we got picked up to go home. Back in Tofu we had a wonderful lunch at a small place called Tofo tofo, walked around the market in town for a while before heading back to our campsite. By now darker clouds had moved in, and a sudden downpour got everyone scrambling for cover.

Day 19 – End of trip dinner
Another day without much sun, but still nice for relaxing and doing nothing. In the evening we had our end of trip dinner. Usually you do that one of the last days of the trip, but we figured having it here would be better than in Maputo where we only stay for a sporty while.

Day 20 – The sun is back
Today we were back in the sun, making it making got. I managed to sleep a little bit longer today and then we went down the beach for breakfast and a bit of wifi. Did a walk on the beach before surrendering to the shade at our campsite. After lunch the of us started walking the beach, aiming for the far spot. The end ofte beach seemed to never get any closer, and after 2.5 km  we turned back. Guess there was still 1 to 2 km of beach left. Saving it for the next time 🙂
We had dinner that might at Casa de Comer. A nice place with good food and fast service. After dinner it was time for bed. Got an early start tomorrow to make the last 400 km to Maputo. Last night on the roof for this trip and last day on the road tomorrow.

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