Day 16 – Night paddeling

Last day in Vilanculos and one that was supposed to be really relaxed. And it was.
I slept late, the hen didn’t wake me until eight. Then a few of us walked back to Zombie Cuecumber where we had breakfast. Back in camp I spent a few hours relaxing with my book.

In the afternoon we went for lunch down the beach.
Today there was a lot of activity on the beach. Yesterday was the first day in four months when the locals were allowed to do fishing by net, and the beach was full of people cleaning nets and fish.

When we got back from lunch we got picked up to go canooing on a smal river a few km from here. We were hoping to se a lot of birds there, but I guess today wasn’t the day for that. Midway through we did a short bush walk and had a look at theeee sunset before heaing back. Paddeling back in the dark was a wonderfull experience. The stars were out in force, fire flys everywhere and the sound of the wilderness.

When we came back we went to have dinner. Todays dinner was served by Leopoldina. If you ever go to Vilanculos you have to find her. Shes working in the Zombie Cuecumber serving breakfast in the morning and serve great homemade local food at home in the afternoons. I guess you could ask for her in most places around here and someone will know how to get in touch. Today we were nine of us there for dinner. And we got serverd excelent seafood, local fish, crabs, prawns and calimari. This has to be some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.

Tomorrow we’ll head for Tofu and more relaxing.

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