Day 46 – 47 Last days in Santiago

Day 46 – Into Santiago

Down with the roof for the last time for this trip and then on toward Santiago.
Just outside the city we had our clean up session. Completely emptying the bus and giving it a proper clean. We also then got the time to pack our belongings to be ready for our last two night in Santiago.

We stayed at Hotel Los Arcos, not to far from the centre of Santiago. A decent place for our last night.
After getting settled and having a shower I grabbed some dirty laundry and went looking for a place to get it cleaned. The first place we found had closed for the day, but at the second site we were in luck.

Then of to find some coffee. Our vegan friends had spotted a place that had vegan ice cream. Something that hasn’t been easy to find. I was hoping for some real nice Gelato style ice cream. Unfortunately that was not it. It tasted ok, but had a strange grainy texture to it. You win some and you loose some 🙂

For dinner later we went to a Mexican place just down the street. Nice to sit in the backyard eating nice food and having some great drinks. When we headed back toward the hostel a few of us went looking for a pub to have another drink. We found a Viking themed restaurant and had a look, but it smelled to much of butcher shop so we went on.

Further down the street we came across a place that looked nice. The staff got us seated on the balcony in the backyard and came with the four menus, beer menus mostly. Great selection of imported beer. But I guess that’s what you would expect of a bar called the St. Patrick’s Day pub.

A few later and it was time for bed. Tomorrow we got our only full day in Santiago.

Day 47 – Exploring the city

Time to explore the city, and most of us selected to do a free city walk, much like in Buenos Aires. This tour took us to all the important sites in the middle of Santiago and gave a great insight in both old Chile and the much more recent happenings that has shaped this place.
Our guide was good and came with lots of tips on what to do and where to go.

To bad we don’t have more time here. Should have had at least another day.

After the walk I took the cable cart up to the lookout overlooking Santiago before walking home and getting my laundry.

Time to start packing my bag, later we’ll have a closing dinner and I’m off to the Easter Islands bright and early tomorrow.

Out last dinner together for this trip was held at a place called Ocean Pacific’s. This place got an amazing interior. The whole place got an nautic theme to it. The ground floor where we sat has an underwater theme to it. A great big whale skeleton in the roof and with old diving gear and other under water gadgets around.
The upper floor was closed off for some renovation but one of the staff took us up on a tour to have a look.
The upstairs got two themes, old sailing ship and submarine. Arching metal walls, torpedoes and a periscope is some of the stuff to be found there.

After dinner we went back to the Irish bar for another round of beer. The girls planned a girls out end to the evening and I did a long walk before turning in. Tomorrow I’ll be up at six to go to the airport and I guess none of the others will be up.

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