Day 9 – 11 On to the north coast.

Day 9 – Going to Palomino

Today was a long day of travel. We got up at five to get breakfast ready for our 0600 pickup from the hostel. Jesus then took us to the airport in Pereira and we flew from there back to Bogota and then on to Santa Marta. Not long flights but stopovers always take some extra time.

In Santa Marta we were picked up at the airport and driven the to hours to Palomino.

It’s great coming back into the lowlands, the temperature is picking up and we seen to have mote stable sunshine.

At out hostel in Palomino we stay in two large dorm rooms, the worst place we have stayed in so far however it works.

After going out for dinner most of us opted for an early time in bed.

Day 10 – One day in Palomino

We got one day of relaxing in Palomino. There is not a whole lot to do other than relax here, but some of us went tubing. Floating down the river on inner tubes.

We booked right outside our hostel, got on the back of motorcycle taxies, grabbed inner tubes on the way and made our way up the mountain. We got of where the road ended and walked a further 20 minutes over a small hill. From there we sat in our tubes just gently floating down the river. Our guide made sure we didn’t end up in the shallows and after about one and a half hour we ended up at the sea.

Such a great relaxing way to spend time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and getting some snack for tomorrows trekking in Tayrona National park.

Day 11 – Tayrona National park and Santa Marta

The plan for today is to go to the Tayrona National Park and then on to Santa Marta where we’ll celebrate new year.

But first we need to get to the road and our bus. After driving us to the hostel two days ago our driver was told off by the police. They didn’t like the big bus going down the narrow dirt road to the hostel.

So last night Sofia arranged for a car to come pick up our luggage at lest to get it to the road. However the guy decided not to show up. So what so you do.

You get twenty motorcycle taxies. Bags and suitcases on the front and one of us on the back. This worked out great. I guess it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Our bus then took us to the Tayrona National park. Here we’ll spend our day. We thought we might see some wildlife and stuff like that. However the park seem to have one trail, and thousands of visitors. Especially at this time of the year. We did see some smallĀ Cotton-top Tamarins in the trees, but it was mostly a trip to the beach.

Nothing wrong with that.

When we got back to the bus we drove to Santa Marta where we’ll celebrate new year. Our hostel is located close to the old part of Santa Marta and we all stay in one large dorm room.

Should be interesting.

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