Looking forward into 2016

Last day of 2016 and I’m really looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

First milestone will be the Norwegian concert band championships in Trondheim. Love going up there for the weekend, play some, listen a lot and meet lots of musicians from all over the country.

Then we got Oslo Brassfestival which is another competition. This time with Sørkedalen Brass. The concept behind Oslo Brassfestival is very cool. Each band got to play two different concerts in two different venues. There will be five judges which will do their rulings independent and without the scores. This is something I’ve never been part of and it will be very exiting to see how it works out.

In the start of Mai I’m going to Budapest for a week with Norwegian All Star Band, a loose collection of people that play music and loves travelling. Should be a good week.

In the end of May we’ll possibly get a Pink Caravan bus joining us in Oslo for a weekend. And at the same time I’m going to the Norwegian Military Tattoo . If your coming to Oslo in the end of May it might be well worth getting tickets for that.

When June comes I’ll be of to Krakow with Sørkedalen Brass. What we’ll do there isn’t set yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be another great long weekend.

The highlight of my year will most likely be my trio in July. I’m going to Iceland, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

So if you got any great sits that I just need to get to there let me know. There is a lot of obvious things to do, but I’m hoping to find something a bit of the beaten track.

This is another trip with the Pink Caravan, and we’ll start out in our bus from Stockholm, get on a boat and sail to Iceland, stopping of in the Faroe islands on the way.

Later in the end of August I’m going back to Sweden and the Pink Caravan. This time I’m going to Tiveden for the annual reunion. Hoping that having it in August will provide us with a bit better weather that this years event.

What happens after that is still uncertain. I’m hoping to be able to go somewhere next autumns as well, but we’ll see.


Happy New Year to you all, and hope you will have a great 2016.


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