Off to the land of fire, ice and soccer fever 

You got it, it’s time to go wandering again and I’m now heading of to Iceland.
And just to make it easy I’m taking the bus from Stockholm. It’s time for a new adventure with the Pink Caravan.

We are heading out tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to be going, and to meet my fellow travellers. I know there are at least two I’ve travelled with before, and a bunch of new people to get to know.

I’m very excited to be on my way. And it’s not until now it sunk in that I’m going. The last few days have been really busy and I was working all the way up to grabbing my luggage and heading for the door.

Hurried packing have left me without my ear buds, if that’s the only thing I’ve forgotten this should be good.

After a nice meal at the Duvel Cafe and a wander around town it’s time to hit the sac. Tomorrow will be another eventful dayday.


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