Long weekend, lots of fun.

This weekend we had a bachelor party for Oskar, a friend of mine from college.We started out by going to the airport at Kjeller where he got to ride a Harvard T-6G LN-TEX which is a old WW2 era fighter trainer. This particular one was built in 1944 and served in the RAF until 1949 when it was sold to the Belgium air force. It has been in civilian hands and was equipped with guns by the portuguese air force and served in Angola. In 1979 it was bought by Anders Sæther in Scandinavian Historic Flight.

After the flight we went to Våler where we did a bit of paintball in the woods, which culminated in Oskar getting a bunny suite on and we went rabbit hunting 🙂

After the paintball and some giant boxing we went to Petters cabin at Foten and got Oskar drunk, as planned 🙂

So all in all it has been a great weekend, and on Friday it’s back to Moss for the wedding. just hope the bruises have healed on the groom.

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