Another great weekend comes to an end

And a long one as well 🙂

On Friday i got up early and went up to Lamberseter to play there and then we went down to Slurpen where we spent a few hours before marching the city center to be part of the 1st of May parade. As I was busy doing that Susan and Alwyn arrived in Oslo.

After we finished playing i went to Traktørn a small pub just up the road. I was supposed to have one beer and then go to meet Susan, but as everyone know .. there is no such thing as one beer .. so I ended up having two before I left.

Then I meet Susan and Alwyn at the central station, and we went home to my place and did a quick change around before going back into town.  We went to Aase and Jeanettes place at Frogner, where we meet up with some of the other people from my band. All in all i thing it was a good 1st of Mai.

On Saturday the weather had deteriorated some but we still decided to go to Kjelsås and do the walk down by the Akerselva. And with only a few drops of rain on the way down i guess we should say that we were lucky. On the way down we also dropped in on the market at  Olaf Ryes plass where we got some lunch.

We then went to Majorstua and took a stroll through Frognerparken and had a look at the statues by Vigeland

Then we went back home for dinner and spending the rest of the evening just relaxing at home.

Susan and Alwyn flew back to the UK today but we still managed some sightseeing. We took the boat out amongst the islands from Vippetangen, jumping off at Hovedøya where we had a look around. Then we went and had lunch at People & Coffee in RĂĄdhusgata. I’ve been there before for coffee and not been to impressed, but now the place has changed and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ll most likely end up there at other occasions.

After lunch we had a stroll on Akershus fortress before walking up to the Castle to see if the king was home. And judging from the flag he was 🙂

Then it was time for Susan and Alwyn to catch their bus to Torp and the end of their Norwegian adventure for this time. But I guess they’ll be back to have a proper look at Norway later. Meaning going up north I guess. I’m just pleased that they seems to have had a nice weekend here in Oslo and that the weather Gods seems to at least partly be playing along.

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