Last day in Budapest

This was our last full day travelling in Hungary.

We started out at nine fifteen and went by buss out to the Margaretha Island which lies as a green lung in the Danaube between Buda and Pest. We had to take a detour to get there since the bridge we were to use was closed, so we didn’t get to much time walking around on the island before we went on a boat cruise on the river.

Some of us got wet when water came pouring of the flat roof of the boat, but it was sunny so we dried out. At least the once who moved out of the way of the water. It’s always nice to see a city from the water, and this was no exception. Even if we got to see a little too much of some of the local residents sunbathing on Margaretha island 🙂

After the trip on the water we went into town again and to Heroes’ Square. We got the story of the square from Réka and some of us went and had a look at the Vajdahunyad Castle.

Then it was time to head out to Esztergorm where we later would give our second concert.

But first we had lunch, no schnitzel this time. But Goulash  soup as a starter, then ducks leg and pancakes as dessert. Great food. Then we went on to the Basilika, the largest church in Hungary. We got a tour of the church, going into the beautiful crypt and we tested the sound, where a note sung in the right place lingered for eleven seconds.

After our church visit it was time to get ready for out big concert. We pulled up outside the concert hall in Dorog and was greeted by a few marched from the Dorog Miners Band And while we went inside and got warmed up the other band for the concert showed up. This was the Werkskapelle Kindberg, a wind band from Austria.

The concert started with a few songs from the Dorog Miners Band, then we played out set  and as we changed on stage Dorog playes a little. Then after Werkskapelle Kindberg ended their set we all played there tunes together.

After the concert there we all had dinner together, or at least we were in the same room 🙂 I guess there wasn’t enough time and beer to cross the language differences between all of us. But we managed to have some fun together.

We didn’t stay to long and was back in Budapest before midnight, and back to the stairs. And finally we managed to get Réka to have some beers and booze with us 🙂

This was our last day on this trip and a very good one.

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