Day two in Budapest

Day two of our trip to Hungary actually started later than I had expected. Which was good considering the good time on the hotels steps the yesterday.

We packed our instruments and went into town and up on to the Fishermen’s Bastion where we played for a while in a little park just across from Matthias Church.

Then we went for a walk on the Bastion and Réka told us about the historical buildings we could see from there, and then some of us went inside the Matthias church.

We exited the church almost exactly at 12 noon when the church bells all over Hungary rings. And the bells in the Matthias Church has just the greatest low bass tones when ringing. A great experience.

After visiting the Fishermen’s Bastion we went into the shopping district (Vácigate ) where we had lunch at BorLaBor just a few blocks from the main street. I guess Hungarian takes lunch a bit more serious than Norwegians since I would call what we got dinner 🙂

After lunch we had a few hours where we could do what we wanted, we wanders Vácigate and most of us had a look at Nagycsarnok, the largest market in Budapest. The ground floor is a large open area with lot’s of stalls selling all kind of food. Up above narrow walkways have been converted to a tourist market where you can get all kind of Hungarian artifacts.

Then we headed out of the center of town to Szentendre. A lovely little town. Clearly it’s a tourist place since there were small shops all along the main street, but we came so late that most were closing up for the day, and we had no time to waist.

Our timing was planned tight and would have made any army general proud 🙂

In Szentendre we went to a restaurant and started out going under ground into the  wine cellar where we got the story of wine making in Hungary and a taste of it, then we went upstairs for dinner and more wine.

We were back at the hotel around eleven as the previous day, and ended up on the stairs.


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