Going the right way

Guess I’m not to good at updating this blog but here goes.
I’ve no started putting the kitchen together finally.
Last weekend my parents came by and we managed to raise my bed and make a drawer underneath and put up some of the kitchen.

We managed to get all the cupboard that’s supposed to hang on the wall up and to finish the part of the kitchen where the sink goes. Or almost finish. Today I’ve fastened the kitchen top and filled the gap between it and the wall. I guess the people back in the 60’s wasn’t that worries about getting the angles right so there where a gab between the kitchen top and the wall at the end.

I saw some of the same problems on the cupbords that I’ve hung, the last one is slightely lower than the rest to make it fit right. Guess that is just part of the game.

This week I was hoping to get the rest of the kitchen together, but there is a lot of other stuff happening and I’, only able to do work on Tuesday ( today 9 and Thursday. And then just between around 1800 and until 2000 when it’s supposed to be quiet in the building.

Below are two photos of how it looks right now.

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