Before and after

Guess it’s that time again.
The time to finally put something new up here.

Fixing up this place goes slow and steady, slow being a keyword it seems. But at least something is happening.

A few weeks back I had my parents here and me and my dad finally got to fix the horrible tiles in the kitchen area.

I’ve attached a before and after image, I think if came out just great

What do you think ?


The next project now will be to build a shelf for my stereo and mount my TV on the wall, at the moment it’s just standing on my loudspeakers 🙂

Then I’ll need to make a shelf up by the ceiling where I’ll but my DSL modem and router, and run cables up through the ceiling and to my computers. It’s starting to get a bit crowded in the air around here so I don’t get the speed I would like from my wireless connection. I’m also planning on running a coaxial cable around the same way so that it isn’t showing in the room.

But that’s all in the future, right now I’m going out 🙂

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