Easter in Kristiansand

Time for a little update here again, has been real slow the last few weeks.
Both with my blogging and the new and better life I’m afraid. The only good thing is that my new life has been just a tad better than my blogging 🙂

Right now I’m in Kristiansand visiting my sister. I came here on Wednesday afternoon and I’m staying until Monday. On Thursday I helped my sister and her husband to move from their apartment and into the house they have bought. Thank God it’s a small place they moved from. It took us only about three hours and three runs back and forth to get it all in. And the weather gods were on our side to. Nice, sunny and dry, couldn’t have been any better.

The rest of the time has been just relaxing and they have started to get stuff placed. Or rather, the kitchen is filled up mostly and the rest is still waiting in boxes. I guess it’s still a while before everything is in place.

kristiansandThere is some repair work needed to so it will probably be a while before they get really settled in. But I think they got a good house. And the surroundings here are just great, nice and quiet and just a few minutes’ walk from a large lake where you can just relax, swim or whatever when the summer really comes.

As I’ve already mentioned we were lucky with the weather in Thursday. And we had the same brilliant sunny day on Friday. Today has been a bit more overcast but no rain so I’m happy.

I’m just hoping it stays like this the next few days to.

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