Day 38 first day on Zanzibar

A long day is coming to an end.  We had to leave the campsite outside Dar Es Salaam at six this morning. That means breakfast at five and since I was among the once preparing it I had to get up at four thirty.

The drive to the ferry went smooth and we arrived over an hour before boarding. That gave us some time to go get a nice cup of coffee at the place we found yesterday.

Going through security and boarding the ferry ended up being a lot easier than first expected add well. They actually got a good system for it. Not that the locals have any idea what queuing is all about.

We had two hours in the sun on the top deck before arriving in Stone Town.  Since Zanzibar is kind of independent from the rest of Tanzania we had to fill out entry forms and get our passports stamped before we were let loose on that city.

At the docks we were picked up by a bus from our hotel, the Ocean View Hotel.

This is the same place I stayed at when I did my Kilimanjaro trip back in 2010 and it seems little had changed. The rooms are clean, tidy and the staff is friendly.

After lunch I had some time off before going into town to do a guided walk.  This wasn’t something I did the last time here so it was nice to get some more historical info.

We actually ran out of time and ended up doing a speed guided tour of the sultans museum, which was kind of OK.

After the tour we went to the Maru Maru hotel where wet had drinks and dinner on the roof terrace.

Great drinks, but don’t try to order dinner in a large group.  It took ages for all to get their food.

Even so the food tasted great.

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