Day 37. One day in Dar Es Salaam


With only one day in Dar Es Salaam some of us decided to go into the center of town to look at what it offers.

The main road through town was bussing with people when we drove through last night. In comparison the center read calm when we visited.

We took a taxi to the ferry crossing the harbour inlet, paying 200 TZS for the crossing. Crowding on the the ferry together with a lot of locals going the same way.

After walking around for a while we found a cafe with great coffe, free wifi and aircon.  A blessing in the heat.

Before we went back we found a textile “shop” where people for some nice fabrics and..

On the way back to the ferry we ventured into the Hyatt hotel to see if we were able to get a overview from the sky bar. Unfortunatly it wasn’t open yet and we got nowhere.

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