Day 14 – Getting to Vilanculos

Two weeks on the road and we are rolling down to the coast in Mozambiq. First stop is Vilanculos where we’ll have three days of relaxing by the sea. From here you can go out to the Bazar reef for some snorkling or diving and do some other activities. But for most it will probably be just sun, bath and relaxing.

We got up early this morning to roll the last 330 km to the coast. We did good time and was stopped only once to show papers when we crossed a stat line. And ofcource we were missing a form. But we go through this time as well.

We got early to the coast and I spent most of the day relaxing in a hamock with my book. Great way to kill a few hours in the heat.
In the afternoon we went to Zombie Cucumber for dinner. A great little place about fifteen minutes from our campsite. Food was great and the service fast.

Tomorrow some of us will be going out to the reef for some snorkling.

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