Day 13 – Into Mozambique

Today has been a very long drive, passing the border into Mozambique.
We started out at seven this morning and made good time to the border, but the crossing was another matter. This has been the first border crossing that took a while. First we had issues at the Zimbabwe side of the border. When we went into the country we all got Kaza visas which let us travel on the same visa beween Zimbabwe  and Zambia. This is a new type of visa and when we wanted to leave it took a while to convince the border officials that we had a valid visa. Then we went on to the Mozambique side. There we had to spend a lot of time, two froms to fill inn, one guy to sign of on all of them before we went to get a photo taken and more paper generated.
With 27 people in the buss it takes a while.

Right after the border we stopped by the road and had lunch. Another great meal on this trip.
After lunch we rolled on until it got dark and we ended up here. In the middle of nowhere, by the road.

It’s almost dinner time and then we’ll probably go right to bed. Tomorrow will be another early day and we’ll roll the last miles to Vilanculos on the coast.

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