Winter is here – and I got a tad inspired

At least we got a some of snow today.

I was actually hoping for snow since that usually mean that the temperatures will rise. We’ve had -10 C for a few days now which together with wind it isn’t very nice 🙂

Even so it has been snowing today and the temperature hasn’t risen much at all, about -5 at the moment.

Perhaps there will be a proper winter for a change, not just cold and slush. Time will show.

Earlier today I went into town where a few of us from Soffa went to three places and play a few Christmas carols when they lit the Christmas threes. It’s something that’s been done for years and I guess we make a little bit of money of it to.

Today was actually to cold for that. The slides of the trombones froze and the same with the valves on the trumpets. But we managed some how by playing out the windows from nearby staircases.

When I got back home I got the inspiration mentioned before. Trying to capture the snow with my camera. Which I failed 🙂

But I got some photos that I thought I should share. So here goes.

Totally out of focus, but I like the effect
Tracks in the snow
Hauketo stasjon
Rail road tracks
Hauketo stasjon
Rail road tracks


  1. January 6, 2011

    Heisann Roar!:)

    såg meldingen din på bloggen min

    Helt nederst på siden i koden ligger dette en link som ligger etter html i bunn av siden og den slutt html taggen skal være den siste. Spørs om IE ikke takler at det er noe etter denne og at de andre nettleserne bare ignorer det.”

    Hvordan kan jeg få fikset dette?

    • Roar
      January 6, 2011

      Om du har tilgang til å redigere siden din selv så skulle du kunne bare kopier alt som ligger etter html taggen og lime det inn over.
      Jeg bruker ikke så jeg vet ikke hvor mye tilgang du har til å endre slikt, om du ikke får gjort det selv så er det nok noen på som kan det.

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