Who got the most thorough airport security ?

Ålesund airport Vigra !

Travelling home yesterday was quite an adventure, or rather going through the airport security was. First they had to look in my hand luggage, which isn’t a surprise since my bag is full of pencils, camera equipment, chargers and so on.

Then a few minutes later I was called back to security, they wanted to have a look in my checked in luggage to, apparently there was a bag of something scary in my top pocket.

And there they discovered the white powder !! Scary ..

Except it was the detergin i had packed when i left for Australia in January and I’ve forgot all about. So this bag of white powder has travelled with me the last year. Going  Oslo -> Frankfurt -> Singapore -> Sydeny -> Alice Springs -> Sydney -> Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Oslo -> Volda -> Oslo -> München -> Oslo -> Ålesund

That is that bag has been scanned at least thirteen times before someone reacted to the little plastic bag.

I’m not sure if i should be scared or not 🙂

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