Week one – 52 weeks of self-portraits

I’ve finally managed to get started on a photo project.

For years I’ve been taking pictures and have learned a lot, but hopefully this will take me a step further, at least as a photographer. And who knows, perhaps I’ll learn something new about my self ass well.

There were two sources that really seem to have pushed me forward lately.

Earlier this summer I read the brilliant book; “Fotoglede” ( Norwegian book) by Eivind Røhne and Stian Schioldborg. But even with the tasks proposed there I didn’t really get going on something solid. Then the other day I came over the e-book “The art of self-portraiture” by Anna Gay. And this was the push needed to get over the edge and get started on something.

Each week I’ll strive to make a photo that defines me and who I am and what I do.

And this picture is the first. Since this is one of my main modes of transportation I figured it would make a good start.

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