Back to Africa, at last

It has been far to long, but with life changes and Covid I guess this is how things are.

But today I’m finally back on another adventure, not eight weeks this time, but 18 days in Rwanda and Uganda is going to be great.

I’m again traveling with Rosabussarna like in the past and I’m looking forward to meeting them all somewhere along the way. I have my ticket booked from Oslo to Addis Ababa and I guess the others are coming on to the flight in Stockholm. Perhaps I will be able to spot the group there, if not I’m sure I’ll find them in Addis.

So what is this trip? This is the Rosabussarna trip called “Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda” The title gives you what will be the highlight og the trip but there will be plenty more to see and do. I really looking forward to some better temperatures and living on a bus again. My bags are packed with all the bus life essentials and probably a whole lot of non essentials 😊

I hope you will follow me on this adventure.

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