Day 1 – 2 Travelling to Colombia, Bogota

Day 1 – Leaving for Colombia

It´s that time again. Packing my bag, getting on the train to Gardermoen and off we go.

Except my flight came in half an hour late, an that pretty much made my transfer in Frankfurt a close call.

After an eventless flight to Frankfurt we touched down just as boarding started on my next flight. Might not have been to bad, except for us not getting a proper arrival gate and needed to wait for a shuttle bus. And of course my next flight was out the far end of the pier. A mad dash trying to get through the crowd of people waiting to board other flights had me at the gate as it closed. Luckily some of my fellow travellers were dragging their feet while boarding.

The flight to Bogota went as expected it was long, I didn´t sleep much and managed to see three movies. I was fortunate enough to get an ail seat which always help on these flights.

When we arrived at the airport in Bogota, my luggage was still in Frankfurt. I was sort of expecting that and wasn´t to worried. After all we have a full day in Bogota so Lufthansa should have plenty of time to get it to my hostel.

We are staying at the Masaya Bogota hostel. A nice place in the old part of town. We arrived there pretty late and most went to bed pretty much as soon as we got out beds. We are in six person dorm rooms, where we have two other travellers in with us.

A few of us got a taste of the local Colombian beer before turning in.

Day 2 – One day in Bogota

Today we have our one day in Bogota. We might have some time here before leaving for home later, but there is a lot of things here to explore so a bit more time might have been good.

I woke at seven, and it seem most did the same. We had a nice breakfast at the hostel before going out. A few of us went to get som money from an ATM and walked around for some time heading for the cable cart on to Monserrate. From here we should have a great view of the city. To get to the summit you have three options; walk, the cable car or the funicular. We didn´t completely understand how the system was set up as you can choose your ride and seem to pay the same price. We decided to try taking the funicular up and then the cable car back down. However when we came to the top we found that the cable car had broken down and was worked on. Only a funicular ride on us then.

When it came to the views we were not in to much luck either. It was sunny and clear as we started out in the morning. However from the top a blanket of fog / smog didn´t let us see to far.

Back down we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Kind of like, we are to hungry to go look any more, lets take this one. Food wasn´t to bad and we got something in our stomachs.

On the way back to the hostel we stopped for coffee, which for me ended up being the Irish variant.

Later me and Mika went out for a walk to do a bit of shopping. My backpack was still lost, but I wasn´t to worried as I would expect it to arrive around the same time we came yesterday. However I needed som clean clothes for our group dinner later, and a toothbrush.

While walking around the town we came across a cart selling waffles with different toppings. Great little pre dinner dessert.

All of us went out for dinner together today and went back home rather early. Tomorrow we´ll be leaving at 05:45 to fly to Medellin.

When I came back to the hostel my bag was still not there. And all attempts to reach someone at the airport failed. I logged on to the lost baggage system and found no new status what so ever. To me that meant it´s not been touched at all since last night.

Luckily it did arrive about an hour later.

And then I got the first updates from the Lufthansa tracking system. This is not good Lufthansa. You knew my bag didn´t make my flight. The very least that could be done is to keep me informed in a proper way.

Let´s just hope it doesn´t happen again tomorrow.

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