Day 12 – 15 On toward Buenos Aires

Day 12 – Iguazu to San Ignasio

We are on the road again. Just a short trip this time, but since we have a boarder crossing you never know how long it will take.

Before we got to the border we placed a bet on how long it would take. The estimates were between 1 hour 30 minutes and 3 hours and 24 minutes.
Clearing Brazil was no problem and we pushed on to the Argentinian side.
Maro got out and started clearing the bus through, and we got of and got our passports stamped. Everything looked to be going very well. A border officer had a look around in the bus, perhaps more for curiosity than anything else.
Then as we were to move the bus Bosse couldn’t release the brakes. So it was time for Bosse bus doctor to get to work. Luckily Bosse was able to fix it and we were ready to go. Or so we thought.
For some reason Marco discovered a missing stamp on the passenger list. But since we were already stamped into Argentina he couldn’t get it fixed.
So of we went to stamp out of Argentina again, Marco got his stamp and we could get another stamp into Argentina.
By now it had taken three hours and twelve minutes.
When we were through Marco went back to Brazil to help with some issues on the other trip that started a few days after ours and were heading for Iguazu. We are now on our own.
Our first stop in Argentina is San Ignasio. Before we went to our camp site we had a short stop in town to get some pesos, and then we went to see the ruins of the Jesuit compound there.
Our camp site for the night was a wonderful place on the river Para. Great place to go for a swim and then just relax before bedtime.
Marco didn’t show up tonight, but I guess he’l be here tomorrow.

Day 13 – On to Obera

Today we have another short driver to Obera where we’ll visit the Scandinavian society. Obera saw a Swedish migrants in the start of 1900 and there are still people there talking Swedish.

Since the drive is short we had most of the day on the camp site in San Ignasio. Relaxing in the water and having a good time. After a late lunch we pushed on.
In Obera we stopped to get food and water for the next few days. Tomorrow we’ll start on the 1000 km drive to Buenos Aires.
We also found a great ice bar, serving the most awesome pineapple sorbet.

When we rolled in to the garden behind the Scandinavian Society we were greeted by Lusia, one of the few left who speak Swedish. She looks just like any other sweet old grandma. After getting the bus ready for the night we were served dinner in the society hall. And a cake celebrating the 17th year of pink caravan visiting the place.

It turned in to a great evening.

Day 14 – On toward Buenos Aires

We are moving again.
After a very hot night it seem everyone is a bit tired, but before we start the long drive there are a few more sites to see in Obera.
Lusia and the Scandinavian Society made us breakfast before we went to visit the Swedish school and a small museum beside it. Then we did a short stop at the Swedish cemetary.

After driving most of the day we came within 350 km from Buenos Aires, here we set up our last bush camp for some of the people on the bus. Almost half the people on the bus are going home after our visit in Buenos Aires and only two will join us.

Day 15 – Into Buenos Aires

It’s time to leave the bus life behind for a few days and say hello to a proper bed and bathroom. We got up at seven today, planning to have breakfast and then clean the bus before going the last bit.

Unfortunately the rain came so we just pushed on and did it just outside the city where we had a longer break. 

It’s a bit strange that so many are leaving in a few days.

The last drive to our hotel was filled with rum and coke, bus party!

Tonight we plan to see how the night life looks like on a Friday in Buenos Aires.


  1. February 11, 2017

    Skulle vart en tredje som mött upp i Buenos men nu blev det inte så…jag får ha det kvar på listan 🙂

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