Time for an update

Time flies and sometimes I’m not able to do all the stuff I would like to do. Like making updates here.

But tonight I sat down and finally managed to get my Curriculum Vitae updated, about time 🙂

I got an e-mail from Valeri whom I meet in Australia earlier this year, and she is of on new adventures, I cannot say anything other than that I envy her this trip 🙂 You should check out her blog and see how she fares in the fare east. Have a look at her blog here. http://marinoandvalou.uniterre.com

I’m going of for a few days to in a weeks time, not that far and not to such a nice and warm place either. I’m of to Starum where I’m going to get two weeks training to do eventual works that my position in the Civilian Defence forces calls for. Since I’m only second in command in the little group that we are I’m not to sure how often I’ll get to use the skills, but things happen, and some of the stuff I’ll probably be able to use in other situations.

Further more, since my last update. Melissa has gotten married! Congratulations Melissa.

As for the hunt for a new trombone, things have slowed down a bit, I’ve tried a few and in a few weeks I’ll get some professional help in trying to decide which one will be the best one for me, looking forward to that quite a lot.

It’s time for me to get to bed I think, isn’t much happening tonight, and tomorrow we are going to have an October Party, probably going to be quite a moist affair . I hope 🙂

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