Team building on a lighthouse

Starting out the week on a lighthouse isn’t a bad thing. While we were there we ended up in the news as well.
For two days me and people from work went to Homborsund lighthouse. There we had some team building and discussed our strategy for the rest of the year. I didn’t think much of it before we left but it’s such a nice place. The weather was good and the surroundings stunning.

At the time of our visit the NRK, the Norwegian public service broadcaster, had planned a new story on all the hidden gems that are lighthouse for hire. At the moment there are seventy places where you can book a stay at a lighthouse around Norway. Most modern lighthouses doesn’t have resident lighters any more. This leaves lots of very exiting places that you can visit like the one we went to.

Have a look at the news story on the NRK webpages. Perhaps a stay on a lighthouse is something you would like to do some day.

We had a great time there, fishing was good, the sun was excellent, the wind a bit chilly, we got to do the work we set out to and had a lot of fun in the process.

Now I’m back home to turn my backpack around and get ready for a few days at Tiveden with the Pink Caravan


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