Still not good at it but getting better :-)

So what has happened since the last time.

A whole lot, it’s been a busy week and weekend before that.

On Friday i went to my friends wedding in Moss, an event that almost got spoiled when i suddenly got a call telling me that there was a forest fire in Vestby and that we were needed there. Luckily I later got a message telling me that the fire brigade got it all covered and I didn’t have to go after all. Which was both good and a bit sad. I feel that we need to get some action soon, not just exercises.

Then Sunday was the 17Th of May, which as always is a long day. Getting up at 5:30 to be at Slurpen by 7:30, doing our round playing when the flag was hoisted around Sofienberg and then back to Lakkegata at 8:00 and our traditional 17Th of May breakfast.

The we got some time of before we marched down into town to join the 17Th of May parade up Karl Johan and past the royal family at the palace. I guess we finished off just about 12:00 since we heard the last of the gun salutes form Akershus festining just as we marched past the city hall.

And then some of us ended up at Tempest having a beer as we usually end up doing 🙂

The rest of the week has been a little of this and a little of that. i had Monday of, Tuesday in Trondheim, Wednesday on Grorud on a civil defence officers exercise, where we were part of some planning concerning the large three day exercise that is taking place in June.

And of course today I’ve got the day of. Just slept in a bit and went to the gym and just now came back from town where I’ve just lingered outside reading my book until it started raining.

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