Saturday, still in Cairns

Today I’ve hardly been doing anything. I slept late due to a fun evening/night last night 🙂

Starting out at the Caravella 149 Backpackers with a little pre party over there until the management got fed up. Then we moved on to a Irish pub, and ended up at the “Meat Market”. (Aka The Woolshed )

Today I’ve only been going around making plans and bookings for the trip down toward Sydney. And I’ve got it all figured out all the way down to Brisbane. There I’ll have to see what to do from there on.

Tonight I’m going to eat dinner where I always do, at the Sports Bar. (Just because it’s a free meal, but starting to get tired of Chili con Carne).
Then I’ll have to see who I meet there and what to do tonight. But the changes of there being alcohol in the picture is quite large 🙂

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