Sailing around the Whitsunday Islands

Here is a long overdue update of my travelling page. I have the spent the last three days on the 84 foot sail boat Anaconda II sailing around the Whitsunday islands. I’m no in Harvey Bay, And tomorrow at 0800 I’ll leave for a three day drive around Fraser Island.

The sailing

Day one.

The first day we left Airlie Beach at 0900 in the morning sailing out towards the Islands. On our first stop the main engine on the boat broke down so we were sailing every where we wanted to go. I think this was good because then we got a lot more sailing. In the evening we anchored in a resort belonging to the Koala backpacker, but we didn’t go ashore. We were sitting around the boat drinking / playing cards and had a nice time.

Day two.

We started sailing at 0400 in the morning but I didn’t wake up until 0800, And I felt like shit πŸ™‚ Our first stop that day was Whitehaven beach. 14 km of the whitest beach you can imagine. It would have been even better if we had some sun, but the sun decided to wait a bit before she came the day.
Later we sailed to another bay, where the snorkelling was supposed to be good, but people said it was a bit unclear that day, I didn’t bother going in.
Then we sailed back to the same place we stayed the night before. We got some nice high speed sailing, at least 10 knots for a while, that’s just fun :). Today we had dinner on shore and we got the offer to take a shower there. After dinner we decided that the other people staying on the island was so boring that we went back to the ship and had fun there.

Day three.

We didn’t start sailing until late (9 or 10) that day. We went to a bay where people could go diving if they wanted, but most just went snorkelling.

then we set sail for Airlie Beach again, getting some nice high speed sailing again.

Back in Airlie it was nice to get a decent shower. Then we went for dinner and a few drinks. How many I don’t know since I had to leave the party at 2200 to catch the night bus down here.

Today. Harvey Bay

I came here about 1200 today, after a long bus ride. Then I got to do my laundry before we had our post Fraser briefing. Getting some info on the island, and getting into groups. We are 9 people in each car, and have just finished buying supplies.

Tomorrow we have to wake up at 0545. Have the final brief @ 6 then pack into the car and be off by 0800. So I better get to bed at a reasonable time tonight πŸ™‚

Cya later all, after I come back from Fraser.

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