Day 30 – 31 Off to Puerto Natales

Day 30 – Leaving Ushuaia

Finally some bus time again. We are now back tracking north and then further west to Puerto Natales.

We left early and had lunch just before the boarder to Chile. We needed to get our fresh fruit and meat out of the way before the crossing. Chile seem to be very afraid of contaminated fruit, vegetables and meat. Today lunch consisted of minced meat beefs, cooked potatoes and fried onion. Finally some cooked potatoes 🙂

Then it was time for the boarder. Getting out of Argentina went well, and getting our passports stamped on the Chilean side a few km later went well. And then we bumped into the grumpy official that was to check our bus.

Last time into Chile we just scanned our hand luggage and the dogs went through the bus checking for food and drugs. Today I guess the dogs have a day off so we needed to take out all bags and put them through the scanner. And the officials picked through the rest of the bus.
In the end they confiscated some of the meat meant to be our breakfast. Seemingly on random, and finally we were let through.

We are now in Chile and the roads from here to the ferry are horrible. Time to hunker down.
Since it’s Saturday Hanna had the goodies bags ready, and with a broom, some mattresses and clothing pins created a “fishing pond” in the back of the bus. Everyone took turn to fish out their bag.

Good fun to make the time go a bit faster.
We go to the ferry around seven and after a little wait we were able to cross. On the other side we stopped on the side of the road and had dinner.

After dinner we pushed on for a while before setting up our bush camp at an abandoned petrol station. The winds was heavy most of the day, and even if it had calmed down a little getting the roof on was harder today than earlier. But we made it.

Tomorrow we push on to Puerto Natales

Day 31 – Arriving in Puerto Natales

On the road again, up early, struggling a bit to get the roof down due to the wind but we managed.

We only have a short drive today until we arrive in Puerto Natales. But shit can still happen, and it did.

Not long before getting into town the bust started smelling of diesel. A fuel line ha gotten damaged, but we still managed to get into town eventually.

Bosse is now working on fixing the issue and hopefully it will be fixed before we leave the day after tomorrow.

Now we just have to decide what trip to do.

I’ve decided to do the long walk in Torres del Paine tomorrow, should be good.

After booking my walk we went for dinner and came back to bad new.

Someone messed up and apparently we only got to stay for one night at the hostel we were inn. Double booking for tomorrow and we got thrown out.

So tomorrow we’ll have to pack everything into the bus and then figure out where we are living when we get back. 

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