Day 24 – 26 Three days through Patagonia to Ushuaia

Day 24 – Of to Ushuaia

We started early today, breakfast at six and the we tore the roof down.
Hardly any wind today made it quick and easy. Hopefully it will be the same later tonight when we set up camp along the road somewhere.

Driving conditions today were great, not to hot but still with a bit of sun.
As we push south the landscape comes even more sparse. Now there are almost no bushes left, just low brown grass.
Got to wonder if this will turn lush green if there ever is any rainfall.

We had dinner by a small restaurant in the middle of no where. And with the wind picking up sand we got a bit of extra crunch to the food.

At dinner we had driven 700 km, and still pushed on for another three hours before camping up.

Again our camp site was at the back of a gas station, winds were down and getting the roof on was a breeze.

Day 25 – In and out of Chile

Breakfast at seven and on the road again before eight. Starting to get good at this now.
Today we’ll pass into Chile so breakfast was all the meat and fruit we could eat. No meat, fruits or nuts allowed across the border.

Getting into Chile was quite fast even if they wanted to check most of the bus for fruit and meat. We made the first crossing in 1 hour 15 minutes.
Then we pushed on to the ferry, even there we were lucky, no waiting time.

The roads after the ferry were the first hints of what might lay ahead in Chile later. Very bumpy roads.

We got to our second boarder crossing of the day around eight.
After that we were back in Argentina and good roads. We pushed on a bit further before doing a proper bush camp, of the road in the middle of no where.

Day 26 – Last push to Ushuaia

This was the coldest night on the roof so far, but with good sleeping bags it wasn’t a big issue.
We had breakfast at seven and pushed on the last little bit into Ushuaia. We arrived here around 12:30

Here in Ushuaia we’ll stay at Los Lupinos Hostel, some proper beds for some days. Even though I think that with six guys in a small room I might have preferred the bus roof.

After we got settled and I’ve had my ice cold shower we went out for a little walk and ended up having a second lunch for the day at Tante Sara.
For me that name is a bit special.

Later I had a walk around town by my self before heading back to the hostel to rest up.
Tonight we’ll ho to the Irish Pub just around the corner for some good fun. The southern most Irish pub in the world. Should be good.

The next couple of days will be spent around Ushuaia, there are a lot of hiking trails to find, boat trips to do. And I’m hoping to get someone with me to do a helicopter flight over the area.

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