71 days left, time to start packing.

Or at least do a quick check to see if I can get what I need for the Machu Picchu trek into my backpack.

It’s time for a little South American adventure update.

Earlier this week I finally got the SEB-11 information letter which told me when I was leaving and what I needed to bring. Unfortunately not all the info was provided for me, partly because I’m going to Galapagos and partly because I’ve been told earlier that I would be able to fly out from Oslo instead of having to go to Stockholm.

I got some more info yesterday telling me that I had a 0630 flight from Gardermoen on the 18th of November. Which would be about five days to late.

Hopefully this will get sorted out after the weekend.

But at least I’ve now got the list of what I need to bring, and I’ve got most of the stuff read.

I was a bit afraid that my backpack for the Machu Picchu hike was a bit to small so I decided to have a go at packing it to be sure I didn’t need a bigger one. And so far it looks good, with almost everything loaded up I got a backpack weighing in at just over 11 kilos, including three litres of water. That should make for some pretty comfortable walking.

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