Otavalo, first stop over on the way to Rio

We have just left Otavalo behind and are now travelling toward Banos where we’ll arrive someone this afternoon and make our first bush camp.

The day before yesterday we left Quito, had lunch at the equatorial centre on the way to Otavalo.

In the evening we had our first bus party, everyone gathered at our hotel and we had a few to many drinks 🙂
The Pelle bus won this one I would argue.

Yesterday we had all day to explore the town. Otavalo is a real nice relaxed place, which felt good after Quito where you felt the need to keep looking over your shoulder all the time.

I went walking to a waterfall just outside town with Andreas, Dick, Paula, Maria, Ann-Mari and Katarina.

On the way back we split  up. Paula, Ann-Mari and I went to a little place where we got our 1.75$ lunch, soup and then chicken with rice and potatoes.

After lunch we walked back to the hotel through the town and I ended up staying at the hotel reading my book before we went out for dinner around eight.

Went straight back to the hotel after dinner, did some packing and then to bed.

Today I woke at 0635, had a cold shower, the hot water here seems to have a life of its own, coming and going as it pleases.

Our next stop was Banos, the extreme sports capital of South America, and then Rio Bamba.

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