Day 19 – 20 Going to Monte Hermoso

On the road again!

Leaving people behind is never a good feeling, but I guess that’s life when we travel like we do. At least we got two new faces to join us the rest of the way.

Today we are heading for Monte Hermoso, a small town south of Buenos Aires. It’s a relative short drive this time and we came to our camp sit around seven. Since most of our roof crew went home from Buenos Aires we needed someone else to help raise the roof. For the first time I’m going to be part of that. On my previous trips I never could be bothered, so I guess it was about time. Getting the roof up went good. Now it just remains to see how it goes when we get howling winds and rain. Hopefully not, but travelling down toward Ushuaia we never know what Patagonia might throw our way.

We are staying at a camp site about two km from the town of Monte Hermoso so there are not a lot of options for getting dinner. A place at the beach and on a bit closer to the bus. Most of us went to the Las Huellas restaurant on the beach. A nice looking place with friendly English speaking staff and some very cool timber furnitures. I ordered a pizza tonight, which tasted great when it eventually came. Two of our group of ten got the food when everyone else were done eating. At least it tasted good. Not sure what happened to the draft beer at the place, but for some reason it was very flat.

After dinner we all went to bed.

This was the first night with the smaller group on the bus, and this means we now got a whole mattress to our self. What luxury 🙂

Day 20 – Full day in Monte Hermoso

We have one day here before we continue toward Puerto Madryn tomorrow.

We started out with breakfast in the bus at eight. Normally we sit outside when we have our meals, but a bit of rain in the air forces us inside. Another reason why being less people on the bus is a good thing.

After breakfast we headed for the beach, the rain had stopped and the clouds were starting to break up. However the water was great so we trashed around in the waves for a while.

I decided to go walk the beach after some time in the water and ended up walking all the way to the centre of Monte Hermoso, about two km down the beach.  Here I had some lunch, walked around a bit before heading back to the bus.

The weather has been on and of between rain and sun the whole morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon.

So far this trip has been the one with the most rain of all the trips I’ve done with Rosabussarna, even worse that Iceland. Hopefully we’ll get more sunny weather in the south 🙂

Back at the camp site I got some time to update the pages and backup my photos.

Later we’ll have a barbecue by the bus before we settle inn for another night here.

Tomorrow we’ll head on toward Puerto Madryn 

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